Michael Peppe can be reached at michaelpeppe AT gmail DOT com.


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  1. To Whom it may concern (preferably Peppe),
    I’ve been listening to Hour of Slack for a few years now, and have heard you read pieces of the rant “AD” on several of the shows. Stang recently informed me that it is a very hard piece of audio to find, and I need to snag a copy any way possible, either through a mp3 e-mailed or buying a copy through you to be sent to a mailing address if need be. The addresses above are all acurate, and any assistance is greatly appreciated in the quest for more slack. Thank you, and good day to you sir…or yeti…

    • Normal is the world in which we live.

      And what could be more normal than that?

      Certainly not the competition.

      How do we stay so far out in front of the pack?

      By building a racetrack decoy ideology with the pickup of a domestic, but the maneuverability of an import.

      Who are we?

      We’re the communications people.

      The people whose talk is strictly state of the art technology.

      its disposable. Reversible. Re-usable with almost any living brand of ideology, including our deluxe line: Yours.

      Sounds costly?

      Put away that semantic checkbook.

      Now communication can be yours at a fraction of what it used to cost grandpa.

      Why clutter up your world with a lot of hard to perceive subtlety. You either like a thing, or you don’t. And in your case, its the former.

      Thats why we like you. And thats why we’re always looking for quicker, easier ways to tell you so.




      Ways of reaching out and touching you, the way you want to be touched.


      Who are we?

      We’re the other people. The people other than you. People so other we’re opposite, yet so people, youd never guess we weren’t the real thing.

      The people who are almost you, but couldnt quite make the final pre season cut.

      Still skeptical? Try this simple test.

      Listen to my voice now.

      Notice anything?

      Now you know how we feel.


      A little gone.

      Slightly, repeated.

      Like you, only, over again.

      We can’t help noticing.

      In fact, we have an old saying:


      Why do we say it?

      Its a tradition.

      Like I said we’re old fashioned.

      We dont much care why we do the things we do, so long as they’re the right things.

      And thats why we need you!

      Deep down inside, you don’t really care what you’re doing… You just want to know what you’re supposed to do.

      And thats where we fit in…..[cant remember]

      We take all the crazy mixed up things you do you cant even explain yourself and put a good solid reason behind each and every one of them.

      [not sure of the below]

      Who are we?

      We’re the real people. The people who make you real.

      So real you can almost hear yourself.

      More real than you’ve ever been before, but then, you’ve never been at all before us.

      Nothing has.

      And not even very much of that.

      Not even this sentence.

      In fact, we have an old saying.

      Bye bye..

      [can’t remember the rest right now…]

      Yeah, that was from memory. I had that on a couple different subgenius cassettes I played over and over and over. Loved this very much. If you’d like to check out some of Peppe’s other works there is apparently a page for him on Ubuweb:

      You can also find copies of Francis E. Dec’s “Gangster Frankenstein Computer God” rants on ubu as well.

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