By: Michael Peppe

Nov 26 2018

Category: Rants

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                                                                            Michael Peppe




Michael Peppe

400 Hyde St. #507

San Francisco, Ca. 94109


Born 1954, Brockton, Mass.   Graduated 1972 East Bridgewater High School (Mass.)   

Graduated 1977 University of Massachusetts at Amherst with BA in Art Criticism


                                                 Work History since 2000

Oct.-Nov. 2017:  Worked as a Standardized Patient for Univ. of Calif. at San Francisco,     demonstrating illnesses, providing feedback, advising and assisting UC medical students.  Supervisor:  Samuel Cohen:  415-502-2402

March-Oct. 2000 and 2010:  Worked as a Census Taker for the U.S. Census Bureau, interviewing citizens and collating and organizing information and preparing reports.

Nov. 1990’s and 2000’s:  Worked three times as Polling Place Inspector for the San FranciscoDept. of Elections, managing polling places and workers, inspecting ballots and certifying legality of elections.

1970’s and 80’s:  Worked as Mental Health Counselor (1976, Northampton State Hospital), Alcoholism Counselor (1982-84, San Francisco Drinking Driver program), Law Library clerk, Waiter, Bus Boy, Document Analyst, (ATT, 1978-79), Marketing Assistant, Felt Factory Worker, etc.